HIWATT DR118 Valve head

This  Hiwatt DR118 serial number 356 was played by many a rock legend  although it never left the factory, Ian Oates Who worked along side Dave Reeves in the early Hiwatt years  has many fond memories of artists such as Pete Townsend ,Dave Gilmore and Jimmy Page visiting there work shop to try out and offer different idea's  for there Hiwatts.

The DR118 was the factory prototype and showed potential buyers what options were available, such as "The Who" or  what ever name the buyer wanted could be added to the front panel, The DR118  has a switch from 30watts for the studio and 100watts for live work. A  Footswitch was also added to change Gain settings which could be adjusted by the master volume & channel volume controls to create high gain distortion at low volume .




Hiwatt DR201 AP  200watt Valve head with 4xkt88 original Partridge transformers and choke...ref 2740



Above: HIWATT 50 SN3929 curc 1972 With original partridge transformers £ sold


HIWATT DR103 100W VALVE HEAD C 1974 Kingston Made, Interesting History