MARSHALL 18watt 1x12 & 2x12 Bluesbreakers 

 also a Rare Marshall Metal logo 4x12 cab and Rare NARB 100

    ABOVE: Marshall 18watt combo with RS transformers,caps date from 66/67.

The T1221 12"Celestion has a 102003 cone dated 1967  VG+ H



Marshall 18watt Bluesbreaker 1x12 curc 1966/67

Ez81,2x EL84,3x Ecc83 18watt Ally chassis  original Bluesbreaker  in  good condition,

 no tx ,caps or resistors  have been changed,

style one Celestion 1x12 G12m 20w greenback with RIC cone,

 Original Plexi,tolex,pinstripe cloth ,script Logo and foot pedal...tatty sold



This is an Original Ally chasis 18watt 1x12 combo from 67,good condition. sold


Above; Marshall 18watt 2x12 (Alnico,s date coded Dec 65) combo sn1539 from early 1966-

note the clear block logo used on the tremolo foot pedal... good condition...sold



The Holy Grail of Marshall 4x12s   "Dream on"

Note the original Knobs on this rare Jan 1963 Head

NARB 100......VERY RARE KEN BRAN LTD EDITION.serial number 0002