Marshall  jmp Plexi 50w 100w JMP and JTM100 PLEXI PA

Jtm100 super pa

JTM 100 SUPER PA ref 02072  £ SOLD



The amp pictured has now sold please Email us for 

details of  other plexi 50s available.

Marshall JMP PLEXI PA 100w Head 1968 

Despite the mains transformer being changed this is one of the Best sounding Plexi 100s 

Now sold


Marshall JMP100w  PA  Ref 20557 £SOLD

Early model with the caps under the Board ,Original transformers and choke, note the extra speaker jack to the left, this amp also has a jack hole in-between the 8 inputs where a the pot was removed, its had plenty of service work & some minor cosmetic changes(feet,light,fuse holder)over the years GREAT TONE!

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