Marshall Metal and Block  logo JTM45 Amp heads,combos and cabs

After the off-center prototype came the first production JTM45 amp heads, the first 40 made had a full white Vynair cloth fronts with smooth black tolex,metal logo,RS transformers, large black choke, leather handle and black pitched top Bulgin knobs. This amp still has its original grey RS Caps which pre date the Mustards.

The four inputs are closer together than the later models and these early amps also had a polarity switch like the Early Bassmans that inspired Jim. 

The ally 1st series front panels with black text did not have the JTM45 printed, there were no rear panels so the serial number & mkII  was printed into the rear of the alley chasis,often the word Lead, Bass or PA was crudely scratched on. All chassis anchor's are internal.

The amp above is #28 Late 1962 

although it went back to the Marshall  factory to have a new mains transformer in 1965.

The rear wooden panel had a cut out "so you could store your Bulgin mains cable in the rear of the amp" you can just see in the photo above the divider that stopped the cable damaging the valves, The cut out was adding time and expense and was discontinued  after the first 40 units which were NOT made out of the birch ply we all know and love. 

Its interesting that the indicator light on these early models are very small (the oval ring RS will not fit) the amps also have regular gold string that's stapled into the top and bottom route line where as speaker cabs from this period often have mini gold T piece not stringing. 

Above is #38 Jan 1963 note the polarity switch was replaced with a fuse holder.This amp still has its original gray RS Caps which pre date the Mustards.

"Said to be the finest sounding Guitar amp...... in the world"



Marshall JTM45 2nd Series Ally panel MK11 

Later in 1963 & into 64 the second 2nd series ally front panels were introduced with the JTM45 AND THE MK11 in black text, The rear panels were ally on the first batch then white on the later models with the serial number ,model, mains and fuse2amp clearly press printed in gold. 

All chassis anchor's were now external "four holes through each bent lip of the Ally" .The large black choke was replaced with a regular size RS,  The RS Deluxe out-put transformer was still used, a voltage selector mains transformer was also introduced (like the previous model it did not drop to USA Voltages)  the larger oval ring RS indicator light was also introduced at this period. 

The head box still had a short leather handle, the wooden rear panel was routed at the cut outs and the front had half cloth half vinyl with a mini gold T piece between. 

This JTM45 looked stunning with its white Cloth front, metal logo and black pitched top Bulgin knobs set against the ally and black vinyl.

THE ABOVE 1963/64 Marshall 2nd series JTM45 ,with the JTM45 and MK11

The Mustard caps in this amp are original and date from early 1964 

which suggests this amp was made mid to late 64.


The Holy Grail of Marshall 4x12s   "Dream on"

Marshall jtm45 from Jan 1963 with Matching 4x12 speaker cab


THE ABOVE TRANSITIONAL JTM45 Has original caps dating 1st and 2nd quarter of 64,

it has an RS deluxe output transformer with early pitched Bulgin knobs, as you can see it has an alley front panel and a polarity switch ,also a short leather handle...the SN 20** is STAMPED on to the alley chassis BUT with No JTM45 OR MK11 front markings  and 4 very close inputs (just like the above 63 model)...."Perhaps Jim had an old panel  etc  to use up"

However it differs from the 1st 63 model by having slightly different (64 STYLE) cab/panel contours, outer lip chassis anchors and sandwich front ie "cloth and vynal" and the later RS mains transformer,choke and indicator light.

such a cool amp!

This Rare Early Maroon Block logo JTM45 has Smooth black Tolex,short leather handle,Bulgin pitched knobs,alley front pannel"with MKII and JTM45" and 4x wider input jacks.

The rear chassis panel is white,outer lip alley chassis ,the caps date 1st and 2nd quarter has the desirable RS DELUXE Output Transformer. The cab contours, screws ,staples etc are 63 spec.Like the previous metal logo heads it had no Gold tad pole around the front pannel.



Above:1965 Jtm45 head...with Cap dates  from 1964

This superb JTM45 Bluesbreaker date's late 64 early 65.This one has an RS deluxe out put transformer ,

Ally chassis  , Gold plexi front panel with a White rear, the Gold "tad pol" piping around the cloth and under the logo board is very thin!

The Silver and Black knobs are nick named CLAPTON KNOBS.

The cosmetic features such as grill cloth,vynal,screws,feet ,speaker screws etc of this combo are all early and are the same as  that used on Metal logo amps,

The G12 Alnico speakers are smooth Silver  T652s with gold Marshall stickers bearing the Silverdale Road address.




The early Block logo JTM45 had an outer lip ally chasis,Clapton white knobs, ,larger RS indi lamp, Short leather handle,flat black Levant tolex,mini gold T piece, the ohmage and voltage adjustments were on the transformers.The amp had a gold plexi front pannel with JTM45 and MKII on the front,the rear pannels being white with a gold print pressed serial number.

The early 1965 Marshall 4x12 cab featured white Vynair cloth,gold stringing,flat black lavant tolex,leather top handles"(no side handles).The inside was foam lined and the speakers were Alnico G12 Celestions from Thames Ditton Surrey.


The 66 JTM45 Had a script logo with regular gold capped knobs,square red indcator light,Gold plexi front panel ,with white rear panel,Lay down GZ34 mains tranny ,the voltage and or ohmage were by late 66  on the rear white panel.

The handle was the common large gold black style, although the vynal looks black has a green/blue fleck to it as did all alley chasis Marshall,s post 65.

The late 65 to late 66 grey pinstripe 4x12s had leather handles to start with but also came later with metal side handles, the ceramic speakers were Celestion Green backs made in THAMES DITTON SURREY.

ABOVE: The reverse J.T.M. logo amp was only made in 1967 it was a killer sounding amp subtle changes are the introduction of the steel chassis and el34s,The Mustard caps in this amp date from early 1967.  

All the above Metal logo amps are NOT  for sale, 

Please forgive the CDs this is an attempted to stop Ebay scammers selling amps that they do not own.


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