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 Vintage Amp  Spares  &  Restoration projects

Some products on this page are sold as scrap ideal for parts or basket case  restoration projects,others are in perfect condition,  we also keep  genuine  vintage & rare amp parts,rare cloth etc,so when you,ve just got to have the real thing give us a ring. 



Marshall 100w  1970,s pa head   All parts available £ call.

Marshall mid 60,s leather handle 4x12 (no vynal,handles,cloth,rear pannel or speakers) restoration project £99 sold

Marshall JTM45 etc cloth woven   KT66 Retainers rareN.O.S  £50 Pair

Marshall JTM45 etc cloth woven  GZ34 Retainer rare   N.O.S  £25 each

Marshall pre 66 leather handle "black"complete vgc £150 each

Genuine reissue black leather handles made by Marshall can be cut down to fit early 1962-65 heads/cabs £35

Marshall jmp100 superlead "RED"  1975 later box £ sold

Marshall Black oval feet,2 screw fixing 1971  set of 4 £sold

"Breaking Marshall basket weave "4x12 A-1968 Baffle Board £99  B/W Grille cloth £150

Marshall specialist 1x15 combo EX+ (  chassis gone)1972 £sold 

Marshall 4x12 "pinstipe"columns and 4x12 cabs wanted CASH paid

Marshall 18watt Bluesbreaker etc etc, Original 60,s 10" Celestion speakers Each £250

BULGIN female Chassis fixed plug "original"£45

Bulgin round 3 pin cable plug £45

Marshall (68 to 76) window style ohm/voltage selector only  £15 each

Marshall Vox Selmer Leak etc etc ( pre 66 ) 2 pin voltage selectors £10 each

Marshall early head/combo BRASS VENTS £20 EACH

Marshall early 60's chrombe dome small feet £5 each



Selmer Zodiac/ Thunderbird REVERB  1964 breaking Most parts available.£ call

Selmer t and b 1964 croc head breaking for spares Most parts available.£ call

Magic eye brass facer complete with eye holder £150

Selmer logo ,Zodiac t bird gothic brass letters  £25 per letter

Selmer Zodiac 100 4x12combo (67) Breaking all parts available £ call 

Selmer zodiac 67 push buttons complete mec £100/sold

Leather end handles £25 each

Selmer Bassmaster MK1 breaking most parts  available

Selmer t&b 100 alley valve head £150

SELMER CROC t&b 50w empty box  vgc £SOLD

Selmer MK3  4X12 straight pinstripe cab empty NEEDS TOLEX  £sold

Selmer T +B 50 Reverb  alley front head £100

Selmer t+b 50 alley front 69-70  £175

Selmer or Futurama (early) empty 2x12 combo cool 50's box only £25

JENNINGS  UNIVOX    Spares or repair,all original ,mod 7 £200

VOX  HANDLES (  all 1963-69) reissue as original £30  EACH ,60's Originals £99 each

CHROME STAND, VOX cab end dials only £99 pair

VOX  GOLD Fascia T Piece between cloth and Vynal £30 

VOX early head/combo BRASS VENTS £20 EACH

JMI ROUND VOX TREMOLO PEDAL original £180 , EX++re pro  £65

Vox Ac30 ,A15 etc  pre 63 Brown leather  long Center  handle rare!£95 each

Vox AC30 AC15 ETC pre 63 Brown leather end handle £30 each

VOX   JMI  Back ID plate  ( Many makes and models ) £20.each

Vox Ac10 original Elac 10" speakers JMI £250 PAIR

VOX F HEAD 1970,S &  2X15 CAB( ideal for Beatles tribute band)£ sold 

VOX AC30 TOPBOOST solid state combo Exellent condition,sounds good too! 1970s £SOLD

VOX AC30  Valve combo  TOPBOOST 1970,s £450...sold

VOX Silver hat knobs 7 OR 4 series with numberd lip £15 each

VOX ac30 JMI  head empty box only " original "£199

VOX Midas 100 amp with reverb,Breaking all parts available £call

VOX Jmi Celestion  12"silver  T1252 ceramic speakers 15watt 1966 £125 each

VOX ac30 "SILVER ALNICO 12" CELESTIONS" Covers missing hence .SOLD

VOX,  SELMER  MARSHALL   ETC   "Brass Vents"  £20 each.

Vox  2BA Raised head counter sunk NOS 1" SCREWS  ideal for  jmi  x100 £*awaiting restock

VOX Caged square 2ba chasis nuts all original jmi amp chasis square clip £20 per set of 6

VOX logo AC30 etc etc £25

Vox small logo Ac50 heads etc etc £20

BIRD Golden Eagle 3x opt celestion speakers great tone needs tlc no reverb £150


Soundcity Head  MK4 ,120WATT ,6x el 34, Dallas Arbiter 1960/70,s£550

RSC truvoice 1X12 combo late 50.s empty clean box, tweed was £100 now £50

Simms-watts 100watt PLEXI Valve head good condition £sold

Fane 12 "  20 watt speakers Vox, Hiwatt ,Simmswatt  etc £75each

Carlsbro wah wah pedal very good condition £60

Carlsbro 100 watt pa all valve 4x el34,very  tidy£125

HIWATT / Carlsbro etc 100watt Partridge transformers 1970,s £sold

TOP 20 CLASSIC 70,S GUITAR All original £99

Wilson (watkins) 60,s/70,s JUNK GUITAR £25

DALLAS ARBITER SLIDER COMBO 1x opticail 1x10" spk Ex+£85 sold

PA cabs 12" , 15 "various from £25


VOX COPPER PANEL AC50 SMALL BOX Out Put Transformer Jmi D008A £399 


Watkins Scout output £SOLD

WATKINS CUSTOM CONTROL 15W  Transformers (Ez81 / El84)£75 each

JTM 45 RS Deluxe output £575

RADIO SPARES RS EL84 "18 Watt Bluesbreaker" output "£599

10-18watt Radiospares various inc Hydrade mains from £299

Vox JMI AC15 OUT PUT Drop straight in with original lugs Perfect £399


VOX AC30 HADDON/ALBION  OH083 OUTPUT TRANSFORMER Hand wound from Westrex original 1960 order /spec sheet to Albion £299

Marshall JMP50 plexi lay down Mains GZ34 rewind £475

Marshall Early JTM45 Hand made from original (120V-240V ON TOP OF SHROUD) £399

Marshall 784-139 original USED £300 NEW OLD STOCK Never been in amp still in factory packing £350

Marshall plexi mains Transformer ORIGINAL 1202 118 (C 1967) Gz34 £sold



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