There has recently been some confusion caused by the use of the domain name
"Ampaholics.co.uk" and Ampaholics.com by an individual who has no business association with us.
Please note that we do not have (and we never had at any time) any
affiliation or association with Mr Marcus Harding nor his business "Amp
Heaven". His use of the .co.uk domain name is currently adjudicated on by Nominet uk
. I will welcome any comment from you regarding any possible confusion. email Ampaholics@aol.com 

On the 27 th June 2001 Nominet UK  cancelled  Mr Hardys   registration of the domain  name Ampaholics.co.uk  and the domain is now pointing to the correct website.

 On Boxing day 2000 Marcus Hardy of Ampheaven and or Toneheaven Registered the domain names  Ampaholics.com  and   Ampaholics.co.uk  which he maybe using to open his own amp web site ,Before doing business with Marcus Hardy / Ampheaven /Tone heaven please investigate thoroughly as we have received unfavorable reports about them ,you can start your investigation at  https://www.voxshowroom.com https://www.voxshowroom.com/cgi/voxbbc/display.cgi?MARCUS_HARDY_Toneheaven_update_+posts

and  https://www.rockometer.com/amps/park.html

Thanks for all your emails but PLEASE NO MORE Marcus Hardy Vintage amp Horror Stories ! Rumor has it that Marcus Hardy is no longer in the vintage amp trade.